Virtual Tours for Schools

Virtual tours for schools

For most schools, arranging school tours for parents is part of the rhythm of the year. And for some a stressful time when they had to make sure the school, and the children, are looking their best to make sure that parents are keen to send their own children there when the time comes. That all changed with Covid-19. Schools were either largely closed, or unable to welcome external visitors and schools had to find different ways to show themselves off. And, even with restrictions being lifted, there are lots of reasons why virtual tours for schools are an ideal way to show everything the school has to offer.

How virtual tours for schools work

A virtual tour is as close as someone can get to actually visiting. It provides a 3D view that people can look around, so they aren’t limited to a single camera view. It’s like an street view that you can see on Google or Apple Maps, except it’s in your school. This means that parents can wander around the school from the comfort of their sofa.

This has significant benefits. Aside from the convenience for the parent, they can look whenever they want, wherever they are, and don’t need to take time off work during the day for it. It is also more convenient for a school. It minimises disruption — and even the most disciplined of children can be distracted by people wondering around. This also means they can showcase themselves at their best.

A virtual tour for a school can include all the presentations that would normally be given. Except they only need to be recorded once. And they also have the benefit that there’s no risk a cheeky child might take the edge off a good impression! Meaning that you know every time someone takes the virtual tour, they are getting the best tour you offer.

What is different to a real tour

Obviously, a virtual tour cannot replicate the atmosphere of being in a school, but it brings many additional benefits. Parents can look at what they are interested in. Whereas in a real tour they will have to go at the pace of the group, in a virtual tour they can linger and explore the areas that interest them.

And you can also use the tour to highlight and showcase work and achievements. Whether that’s the certificates that are normally in reception, highlighting the school’s culture and ethos, or even picking out some children’s work from the wall that shows how they learn, you can tag them, so parents can look in detail and understand what you are trying to do.

Better for everyone

Schools, really, are for children to learn. It’s important that potential parents can see what the school is like, but it comes at a cost. Tours can disrupt lessons and take up valuable staff time. And they are inconvenient for many people who need to take time off work.

A virtual tour means that people can visit your school, and see it at its best, 24 hours a day, all year round.

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