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360 Virtual View provide cutting edge virtual tour and HDR photography services to help make the experience of selling a property faster, smoother and as painless as possible.

Thanks to technological advancements within the past 3 years, we’re now one of the first photography companies outside of the US to offer to estate agents AI powered 3D interactive walkthroughs of their properties. This is not only very affordable, but it also reduces many of the expenses associated with selling a property such as poor-quality in-person viewings and also helps vastly increase the reach finding more potential buyers.

Show your property off at its best

With a 3D walkthrough, potential buyers now have the option to spend time viewing a property when it’s convenient for them or when they’re not able to be there in person. This also allows potential buyers to decide in advance if they’re serious about purchasing, whilst those who were never in a position to buy don’t need to have an in-person viewing. Our high definition 3D walkthroughs show off your property in HDR at 134 MP resolution and are second only to actually being there in-person as the most realistic and immersive way to view a property.

In other words, we help vendors show off their property at its best whilst ensuring that the people coming to view the property in-person are genuinely interested and serious about buying and not simply there out of curiosity.

Many estate agents think that success is based on simply getting more viewings, however, we feel that the quality of the viewings is more important. In other words, we believe in quality not quantity saving everyone time and money.

Reach more buyers

Traditionally and for many estate agents, selling your house relied on buyers being able to get to your property on specified viewing days. The problem is, however, that this is not always convenient for potential buyers, especially when, for example, buyers have young children or need to travel from further afield.

Now, though, using our new virtual tour technology, potential buyers can view and explore the property from anywhere in the world at any time without the need to travel. This means that, for example, when buyers from places such as London or abroad do come for an in-person viewing, they’re already likely much closer to a final decision about making an offer.

Enhance Your Property Listing

Many estate agencies are still doing it the same way they’ve always done it – a few standard wide-angle 2D photos and the usual description. Very little to distinguish one listing from another. Nothing new or exciting. But imagine if you could add in interactive 3D element to your property listing – wouldn’t that make a huge difference?

Our 3D walkthroughs really help make property listings stand out from the crowd. They’re not only a stand-alone element which can be sent digitally or shared through social media, they’re also able to be embedded on any website and also compatible with sites like Zoopla, On the Market, and Right Move.

You’ve worked hard to make sure your property looks great so let us help you get it seen by more buyers.

And there’s more!

Within the 3D walkthrough, we can also embed information hotspots allowing you to include specific information attached to points within the tour such as text, images, and links. A fully customised ‘highlight reel’ allows very easy navigation or simply press ‘play’ and sit back to view an automatic guided tour.

Our AI cameras also fully scan the property using infrared sensors to produce a full estate-agent style schematic floor plan of the whole property with 99% accuracy.

Wondering if your sofa will fit in the living room? That’s not a problem anymore. Within every virtual tour we produce there is included a unique measurement tool allowing you to check widths, heights, or distances of any area with the tour, easily and quickly

Not sure what’s above the living room? Or maybe wondering how far apart the bathrooms are in a property? Simply view the property as a ‘doll’s house’ – open up the walls and ceiling and view the property from any angle.

Once the virtual tour has been created, we can also create a full suite of estate agent style photos. These photos are wide-angle, high definition, and HDR, and can be used anywhere from brochures, property listing websites, social media, printed materials, etc. And these can be done at any time once the virtual tour has been captured. Now there’s even no need to use a separate photographer!

All our virtual tours are also fully virtual reality compatible and can be viewed using most smart-phones and a viewer costing as little as a few pounds. Get the full immersive experience and explore hands-free.

The amazing statistics for sellers

The National Association of Realtors in America has conducted some very in-depth research into 3D walkthroughs and the results are astounding. Although virtual tours of properties are relatively new in the UK, they’re already well established in the US.

According to their annual report last year:

               • More than half of adults who use the internet have taken a virtual tour

               • 54% of buyers will not look at a property unless it has virtual images

               • 50% Found virtual tours very useful in making their decision

These findings also backed up research done by which found that:

               • Listings with a virtual tour get 87% more views than those without.

And Property Week also discovered that:

               • The number of wasted viewings are decreased by 40% when a property has a virtual tour

In yet more recent research, Planet Home’s ‘Trend Study’ concluded that

               • 75% of potential customers and visitors consider a virtual tour to be a major decision-making tool before proceeding to a purchase.

As you can see, according to the research, 3D walkthroughs of properties for sale are becoming more and more important in relation to selling and purchasing homes

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