Creating a video from a virtual tour

The high-definition virtual tours we create are not available in a video format as standard as our virtual tours provide much more functionality and interactivity than a standard video. However, there are times when also having your virtual tour in video format is very useful. Some examples are:

  • You can display your virtual tours on a loop on a screen. This has been done by some of our recent customers at trade shows, exhibitions, within their office, or within a reception area.
  • You can also add the virtual tour to social media channels in video format such as YouTube and Instagram.
  • A video can be set to automatically play on a website homepage

Once you have your virtual tour, there are several options in terms of a video format:

Manually capture a walk-around

This options allows gives you many options in terms of the length of the video and which areas it displays. We can also edit this together with other photography or video footage as required. Here is an example of a manually captured walk-around. The following examples are hosted on Vimeo and YouTube:

Hallamshire House, Walkley (for Thornbridge Brewery)

Use the automatically generated video

With every one of our virtual tours, there is also a very short automatically generated video version of the virtual tour. In this instance it’s around 12 seconds long. This example is hosted on this website as opposed to the previous video example which is hosted on YouTube:

Animated GIF

Along with the automatically generated video, you’ll also get an automatically generated GIF with each virtual tour: