Virtual tours for showrooms

Find & engaging new potential customers

When you have a great looking showroom, the challenge is simply getting your potential customers through the door. This is where a virtual tour comes in. Your doors are open for people to have a look around 24-hours-a-day. Virtual tours are great from a marketing perspective – for example, they can be included within your website, emailed, shared on social media or sent by email. This example allows you to explore the Senator & Allermuir London Showroom in Farringdon:

Virtual tours for all budgets

There are many types of virtual tours. Matterport are the best, but are also the most expensive. We can also create tours using technology such as Ricoh, Panoee, or Kuula. This are cheaper alternatives that don’t provide the same immersive experience as Matterport, but are great when you’re wanting to save money. We can also provide you with a virtual reality (VR) experience for your customers. A Wonda VR tour provides a lot of flexibility as you can include 360 degree film along with other media, all in VR. Matterport is also compatible with virtual reality (VR). This example allows you to explore the Fitness Superstore at the Meadowhall Retail Park in Sheffield:

Virtual tours compatible with all devices and able to be viewed almost anywhere

Virtual tours can be views on mobile phones using the standard mobile data signal, on broadband, using computers and laptops, and even on some smart TVs. Physical showrooms have long been the cornerstone of product experience. But in today’s digital age, customers expect more. Virtual tours offer a powerful new way to showcase your great looking space along with your range of products. This example is a small High Street showroom in Sheffield:

Open your doors to the world, 24-hours a day

You don’t even need to be open or even there to let someone have a look around your showroom. Virtual tours eliminate geographical barriers, allowing anyone to explore your showroom regardless of location or time zone. This translates to increased brand awareness and a wider customer reach. Your potential customers don’t want to gamble with their time – let them know they’re going to find what they’re looking for. Otherwise, they’ll simply stick with what they already know. This example allows you to explore A Different Gear bike shop in Meersbrook:

Engaging and immersive – not limited by floor space

Your virtual tour is so much more than simply a static image gallery. It can be an amazing interactive experience, allowing customers to examine products in detail from all angles. You can even incorporate features like images, descriptions, guided tours, 360° views, links, and films. This helps provide a deeper understanding of your products, leading to more informed purchase decisions.

Physical showrooms are limited by space and resources. A virtual tour in conjunction with your website allows you to you showcase your entire range of products and services, even if you have limited floor space. No more limitations on displaying seasonal items or out-of-stock products. Customers can explore everything you offer, boosting sales potential.

A very cost-effective investment in marketing

A virtual tour can be a very good investment in your marketing. Even more so when combined with the following services:

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