Virtual tours for showrooms, retail, shops, & stores

virtual tours for showrooms, shops & retail

If you’re looking for virtual tours for showrooms, virtual tours for shops, or virtual tours for retail, you’re at the right place. With over 16 years experience creating virtual tours, we’re your number one choice. The Covid-19 pandemic moved user behaviour online faster than anyone could have predicted – many estimates say what would, under normal circumstances, have taken 5 to 6 years, happened within months. However, bricks and mortar retailers like shop owners, stores and showrooms still need to get people through the door. Lockdown restrictions will be eased at some point, but customer behaviour may have changed forever. This is where getting a virtual tour for your business should come in very handy.

Allow customers to look around and explore before they visit in person

A virtual tour creates an immersive experience for your potential customers – the next best thing to actually being there in person – and allows people to explore your premises and become familiar with your shop layout from the comfort of their own home at any time of day when it’s convenient for them. This helps establish trust and avoid a wasted trip

Your in-person visitors will be much more likely to be actual customers

These days, for virtually everything people buy, they’ve already got a good idea of what they want when they travel to a shop – they’ve looked online, read reviews, done comparisons, asked friends, etc. The last step in the buying process for them is where they actually touch, feel, see, ask questions, and try what they’re looking for. Visitors from the virtual tour will have already decided what they want to travelling is the point when they’re probably actually ready to buy.

Great for social media – separates you from the competition

The challenge is getting in front of the right people, which is why we use social media to support our business marketing. However, if you don’t have anything engaging to show people, they won’t engage with you. A virtual tour is not only something interesting to post, it’s also very useful for a lot of people. Ever had a wasted trip when you’ve travelled to a shop only to find it’s not what you thought it was? Those days are over with a virtual tour

Options to integrate with ecommerce and buy from your virtual tour

Did you know we can integrate links, photos, video, text, documents, etc. within your virtual tour? Products on the shelf or shop floor can contain direct links to your ecommerce store allowing people to buy direct. The next big thing is here now!

Example virtual tours for retail, shops, showrooms & stores

The following examples show a range of different virtual tours for shops & showrooms.

Virtual tour for a wholesaler example – Price Check, Sheffield

There are many reasons your customers may not be able to visit in person – time constraints, Covid restrictions, travel problems – but you can nevertheless let them explore and buy. This virtual tour example for a national wholesaler allows their customers to explore their showroom and order directly from their ecommerce store. Simple but so effective

Virtual tour for a High Street showroom example – Sash Windows London, Clapham

Your bricks & mortar shop is probably one of your biggest ongoing expenses. You’ve also put a huge amount of work into getting it looking great. Having a physical shop provides you with a huge amount of extra credibility and will be one of the most important factors your customers take into account when making their buying decisions. A virtual tour will allow your customers to explore your shop or showroom when it’s convenient for them. You’re suddenly not tied to normal opening hours anymore!

Virtual tour for a retailer – Pro Golf, Sheffield

Showroom virtual tour for a national retailer showroom – Fitness Superstore, Sheffield


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