Explore spaces in virtual reality

Explore your space in virtual reality

Your virtual tour allows people to explore your space in full 3D virtual reality. It streams through your web browser meaning there’s no need to download an extra app.

Compatible with Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest, or Meta Quest Pro. Just open your space in your Oculus browser, and use the ‘enter VR’ button. Visitors can now explore anywhere in your Space, and can see and navigate to your 360 Views, just like in the desktop or mobile version of your virtual tour

Try it yourself

View this page with your Meta Quest or Oculus headset and click the VR option in the bottom-right corner

Getting your virtual reality tour couldn’t be simpler!

When we create the standard virtual tour, we’ll create the virtual reality version at the same time – nothing extra needed!

If we’ve already created your virtual tour, you already have a virtual reality version of it. Just view your tour using a compatible VR headset browser and click the VR option

Why not also consider 360 degree film too?

360 degree film (or 360 degree time-lapse film as in this example) gives an incredible immersive experience either through a VR headset or simply viewing on a computer