You’ve had you virtual tour created – what next?

Your virtual tour is captured, processed, edited, and you’ve happy with it. What do you do with it now? How do you get it onto your website? And how do you get it in front of the right people? This page gives you a few a few pointers about what next once your virtual tour is completed.

1. Learn the controls and how to navigate

There are many different ways to navigate the virtual tour including using your mouse, a touch screen, and keyboard controls. And there are also loads of cool tools within the virtual tour like the measurement tool (allows you to measure spaces within the tour) or the highlight reel (that will take you on an automatic virtual tour). Step one, get to know your virtual tour and become familiar with all the controls & tools. Don’t worry, you can’t break it!

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

2. Embed the virtual tour within your website

Your virtual tour is designed to easily embed within almost any website. It’s fast and easy to do using a simple line of code known as an iframe which looks like this:

<iframe width='853' height='480' src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen allow='xr-spatial-tracking'></iframe>

Include this line of code in your site where you’d like the virtual tour to appear and it does – as simple as that!

You may want to adjust the width and height of the virtual tour – do this by changing the specific width and height in pixels – just edit within the apostrophes in your like of code

width='853' height='480' 

If you want your virtual tour to index well in the search engines, you should well optimise your site and the virtual tour page. If you need any help, let us know

3. Ask Google & Bing to re-index your site

Once you’ve updated your website content or added new pages, it’s a good idea to ask Google to update the information it has about you. This should also give you a boost in the search results!

  • Update your website with the new content
  • Make sure your sitemap is up-to-date
  • Log into your Google search dashboard and resubmit your sitemap

This part, although not essential, is really helpful in getting your site to index well. We’re happy to help out as always!

4. Tell people about your virtual tour!

If your site is indexing well in Google, you should start getting more site visitors looking for your virtual tour. However, it’s also a good idea to tell people about your new virtual tour too. Here are some options:

Post about it on social media

If you’ve got social media channels, you consider using them to promote your virtual tour. Try to make these posts public, too. Include extra text content with it too (Google likes this).

Ask friends and people in your network to mention your new virtual tour

Your friend and other people you know will have their own websites and social media channels – would they be happy to add a post or page about your virtual tour? You never know until you ask! And you can return the favour too.

Write a guest post

Guest posting is the process off writing a blog post (which includes links) on someone else’s website. It’s usually something you pay for and the benefits can be great in terms of new, qualified visitors to your site along with SEO benefits. This option is a bot more advanced to get in touch if you need help here.

Let previous customers know about it

Finding new customers can be tough – it’s often a lot easier to get repeat business from old customers – let them know about your new virtual tour. Don’t forget to ask them to let their friends and family know too!

5. Advertise

Not always my favourite option as costs can spiral for little return if this isn’t done correctly, however, it’t the fastest way to get to the front page of Google for key-phrases that have a lot of competition. Pick your keywords carefully and start of with a strict, small budget to allow you to monitor ROI. Consider Facebook advertising too

If you’re after a bit of help promoting your virtual tour or search engine optimising your site, let us know as we’re happy to help. Call us on 0114 383 0711 or get in touch via our contact form