How to add your virtual tour to your website

Adding your Matterport virtual tour to your website is very easy – just add the line of HTML to your site where you’d like your virtual tour to appear.

This tutorial shows you how to addyour virtual tour to your website using the Greystones Pub (Sheffield) as the example. The Greystones decided to have their virtual tour quite small but you can have it any size and anywhere on your site. Your virtual tour;

  • can be any size you want on your website
  • can display anywhere you want on your site
  • can be added as many times as you want to your site or as many other sites as you like
  • can be shared on social media or sent by email
  • can be password protect your virtual tour – only people with the password can view it

You can view the Greystones virtual tour on their website by clicking here

Adding your virtual tour to your website

Once your virtual tour is ready, I’ll send you a short line of HTML code which you can use to add to any website to display your virtual tour. It will look like this:

<iframe width='853' height='480' src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen allow='xr-spatial-tracking'></iframe>

Just change the WIDTH and HEIGHT values (in pixels) to the dimensions you’d like your virtual tour to display on your site. You may need to experiment with these to get the tour to display exactly how you’d like it to:

width='1200' height='480'

The example above is the code used to display the virtual tour for the Greystones Pub in Sheffield. Here’s how they decided to display it on their home page:

And here is what the code looks like in their website source code (see lines 276 and 277):

Wherever and however your virtual tour is embedded, you will still have the option to view it in full screen using the option at the bottom-right corner of the virtual tour (it’s next to the virtual reality option and the sharing options):

If you don’t want to allow people to view the virtual tour in full screen, take out the ‘allowfullscreen’ attribute from the iframe code

Sharing you virtual tour on Social Media

Along with the iFrame code for embedding your virtual tour within your website, I’ll also send the direct link to your virtual tour. This can be added to social media sites and sent directly in emails. Your direct link will look something like this (this example is the Greystones Pub again):

Help and support

I provide full help and support for adding your virtual tour to your website. Call on Sheffield 0114 383 0711 or Bakewell 01629 337 955 or mobile 07930 944 001