Matterport Virtual Tours for Gyms

Matterport virtual tours for gyms

Matterport virtual tours allow your potential customers to explore your gym easily, quickly and when it’s convenient for them. No need to even travel, they can look around at their own speed and explore all areas. Gyms face a lot of competition, so a virtual tour will certainly give you the competitive edge – especially when combined with other visual media such as aerial drone footage and standard film & photography. And not to mention how much better your gym website will look with professional images! This first example is a virtual tour for a small, private gym near Bakewell:

This next example is a virtual tour of a gym within the student Liv Students accommodation block in Sheffield:

This gym virtual tour example was commissioned by the national gym equipment retail chain, Fitness Direct:

Virtual tour GIFs – look great in your email footer

The following GIFs are generated from the Matterport virtual tours. They play automatically when the page loads, or when your email is opened (if they’re in your email footer):

3D views

One of the things Matterport does is allows you to create 3D views – effectively removing the ceiling and walls from a space. This give you a unique view allowing people to get a much better understanding of layout:

HDR images

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and means that the light and dark areas within an image are much more evenly balanced. Traditional photography will normally base the levels on the lightest area meaning the darker areas may end up too dark. HDR photography, on the other hand, combines several different images taken using different exposures to make sure that the light and dark areas are properly exposed. As you can see in the following examples, this type of photography produces a much better quality image.

Films generated from the Matterport virtual tour

The following films are generated from Matterport virtual tours and can be used either individually or combined with traditional film. The resolution of these films is 480p or 854×480


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