Indoor drone film & photography

A question we get asked a lot is ‘can you film using a drone indoors?’ Well, the answer is yes! Indoor filming with a drone is not only possible but it allows you to create a whole new perspective viewing an area in a unique and stunning way. Everything from beautiful drifting cinematic promotional films to practical building surveys, an indoor drone film is a very cost effective and fast way to capture your indoors areas. The following example shows several different indoors drone shots as a short promotional film:

Indoor drone film and photography can be used on its own, or also be used in combination with other film and photography. Indoor drone film and photography can even be included within our Matterport virtual tours to really enhance the immersive experience. When visually describing an area, it’s a great addition in the mix as the views and affects you can achieve are unique.

Promo films using external drone film

The following short promotional film was created using a drone externally. This, combined with the internal drone footage is an amazing way to give viewers a true feeling of a large building:

Promo film combining outdoor & indoor drone film

The following example is a great example of a short promo film combining indoor drone film with external drone film footage

Promo films created using drone footage combined with other film and photography

Film as with websites, or written content only give you a very short amount of time to grab people’s attention. Drone film & photography is a great way to do this quickly and effectively. The following example combines different styles and types of footage along with After Effects editing to create a shot promo film for city centre living

Drone film & photography prices

Contrary to what many people think, drone film & photography is a very cost-effective option with prices starting from £75 for drone photography, £100 for drone film (exterior or indoor drone film), and £500 for promotional films production (solely or combination of DSLR & drone film)

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