How can a virtual tour boost business

Virtual tour boost business

You may be wondering how a virtual tour can boost business. Virtual tours are, still, a relatively new concept for most people. Despite years of navigating using Google Street view, taking a similar approach with businesses is still in its infancy. But as the technology has become more widespread, those that are using it are seeing enormous benefits; put simply a successful virtual tour can boost business.

This is not just because of a novelty factor. Although virtual tours are still comparatively rare, making them stand out for customers that will have only seen a few, or perhaps none, before, the impact goes far beyond it just being something new.

Virtual tours making you more engaging

A virtual tour an incredibly engaging way of interacting with your customers. You can always write text, and even invite people to imagine being there. And you can post pictures to illustrate what you talk about. But how descriptive an article or feature is, it cannot compete with the immersive experience of a virtual tour.

While people’s imaginations are powerful, that power is not unlimited. Aside from not always being accurate, just think about the difference between situations you have imagined and their reality when you come to experience them, they also take energy. Imagining a house is possible, it becomes harder to imagine living there. But if you have a virtual tour, it becomes much easier to picture yourself enjoying a lazy breakfast in a kitchen you have virtually been in.

Virtual tours get more attention

Virtual tours also get more attention. Again, this is not just an issue of novelty, but also because of the way people now engage and consume media and information. The immediacy of a virtual tour, and the ability it creates for people to quickly absorb the necessary information means it is more likely people will use a virtual tour, while other options, like a text description or even video, can be put off.

And this is not just something measured in clicks or views, but also in terms of the literal attention a viewer pays. Watching a virtual tour will engage more parts of the viewer’s brain than reading text or looking at a picture.

Virtual tours mean more sales

Virtual tours boost business, and the impact on sales can be profound. The cause is fairly obvious. The more people who are engaged, and the more attention they are paying, means it is more likely they will buy.

Matterport, a provider of virtual tours, found that when used for house sales a virtual tour would almost double the number of phone enquiries and increased the number of interested buyers by nearly 50%.

Boosting business with virtual tours

Creating a virtual tour might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to boosting sales. However, the evidence is clear that as well-made virtual tour is no longer just a novelty or a nice thing to have on your site, it’s actually an investment that measurably attracts interest and increases sales.

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