Explore a £925,000 house in Whitby

I recently spent a nice, sunny afternoon in Whitby creating a virtual tour of a stunning grade II listed 5-storey Georgian town house (virtual tour below). As you can imagine, there is a lot of space, and far too much for the current owners who are hoping to downsize. At the time of writing, the house is for sale with a local estate agent.

As you can probably imagine, very often, the larger the house, the more difficult it can be to sell – there are simply fewer potential buyers around. However, with the recent migration north from the south of England there are a lot of new money and new buyers looking. Which leads on to the next problem…

How does someone living in the southern counties get to do viewings in the North? It’s a long way to travel, especially with children, and will often need at least a few nights stay. It’s probably just too much to do for a house viewing – at least for one when you’re not 100% it’s for you. So what’s the alternative? A virtual tour allows potential buyers from anywhere in the world to explore when it’s convenient for them, at any time, and without even having to travel. Our virtual tours even have an in-built measurement tool – will your sofa fit under the window? It’s now very easy to find out! Seems like a no-brainer for buyers and sellers alike.

The main problems sellers is the stream of viewers walking around their home – potential buyers, the curious, the tyre kickers, developers, & the neighbours. Instead, why not just send them the link the virtual tour? The curious and the tyre kickers can satiate their curiosity without taking anyone’s time, whilst the genuine potential buyers will be better able to make a decision about whether they think it’s the house for them. Estate agents save time, vendors save time, buyers save time – everyone’s a winner!

Have a go yourself – use the direction keys on the keyboard or a touch screen to explore:


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