Ever heard of Flambient estate agent photography?

When you’re selling a home, the quality of the photography is very important. Even more so now, in the time of Coronavirus when people are much more reluctant to visit in person, good quality estate agent photography is vital. So obviously, vendors want the best photography for their homes and estate agents want to be able to provide this. An so ‘Flambient’ estate agency photography is born.

This example wide-angle, HDR image captures detail in both bright-light and shadow within one picture
This example wide-angle, HDR image captures detail in both bright-light and shadow within one picture

What is Flambient estate agent photography?

To understand what Flambient photography is, you first need to understand the difference between a standard photograph and a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph. Our eyes can very easily adjust what they see ‘on the fly’, accounting for darker and lighter areas – we see detail in shadows and contrast in light areas. Normal DSLR cameras, on the other hand, can’t easily produce results that also do this. We’re all familiar with photos that are just too dark (under exposed) or ones where the white areas are ‘burnt out’ (over exposed). HDR combines a normal photo with under and over exposed images to produce something which is much closer to what our eyes see with a ‘high dynamic range’.

In HDR photography, several standard digital images are combined to create the HDR image and Flambient photography is simply a variation of HDR but designed for indoor photography (most commonly estate photography). The difference with Flambient photography is that it will use standard-lit images with one or more flash-lit images to merge into an HDR image.

I’ve been producing indoor photography for many years and would pick HDR over flambient any day!

Chris Day, Seven Creative Ltd

Does 360 Virtual View provide Flambient estate agency photography?

No, is the short answer. Creating HDR or Flambient photography is very time-consuming and therefore can be very expensive. We like to make sure our estate agent customers get a fast, efficient, and value for money service and we therefore provide a much better and cheaper alternative.

Not many cameras can create HDR images of the quality and resolution needed for estate agents, however, our virtual tour camera can. Not only all of our virtual tours are in HDR, but the images we produce alongside this are also HDR with no extra involved. And turnaround from site visit to digital delivery can often be well within 24 hours.

Estate agency packages including HDR images and floor plans

Our estate agency package includes the standard virtual tour along with a full schematic floor plan (in imperial and metric sizes) and a suite of high-resolution, wide-angle HDR photos.

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