Engineering companies promo films – examples & case studies

Promotional films (or promo films) are really useful for engineering companies for lots of reasons. From my experience, the main reason engineering company owners commission a promo film is because it’s difficult to take people into all the areas within the building. There are health and safety issues, it’s very time consuming, commercially sensitive work, and workshops are not always as clean and tidy as you’d hope. Therefore, a great option is a promo film or virtual tour. In my opinion, with promo films for engineering companies starting from £250 and virtual tours from £350 it’s a no brainer! This page shows examples of some short promo films we’ve created recently.

Exactaform in Coventry – going from strength to strength

This modern and progressive company was actually established all the way back in 1979. They’ve grown to be become a modern UK success story, and they quite rightly want to let people know about it! Their factory and workshop is huge and looks great, but it’s well off the beaten track on an industrial park in Coventry. So what better way to let people see it than a short promo film? This is a great way to communicate your size and capacity to potential customers

AMCO – one of the countries leaders in global logistics services & warehousing

the AMCO site is HUGE! But this very busy storage facility could be dangerous for visitors with fork-lifts whizzing about 24 hours a day. Instead of having to take visitors into the site, they can show them the new short promo film and virtual tour. in this example, visitors can see the size of the Redditch warehouse and explore inside at any time of the day and from anywhere.

West Fraser – producing building materials 24 hours a day

Inverness is a very long way away for most of. The North East of Scotland is the perfect location for their raw material (wood) but not for visitors. The site is huge, many of the processes and buildings are dangerous to visitors, and the work continues 24 hours a day. So how do you show vistors and potential customers around? Simple. Create a promo film and virtual tour. Here is one of the short promo films we created for them:

Yorkshire Profiles – specialist laser cutting and fabrication services

Almost hidden away, in Hessey, a few miles outside of York is Yorkshire Profiles. A great British company providing excellent products and service, but not so easy to visit. This short promo film showcases one of their workshops including communicating the size of the place. Outdoor and indoor drone film is combined to provide a unique perspective:

Mr Rubble – a much-loved local success story

People are very fond of the skip company Mr Rubble. But skip companies often have a bad reputation. Noisy or smelly lorries don’t fit too well with the image most skip companies would like to project. The solution? Let’s ask some of the customers what they think about the service and how they feel about using a skip from Mr Rubble:

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