Creating a virtual tour

Creating a virtual tour

Creating a virtual tour is a great way to showcase your venue, business, or products. This is especially true during the pandemic. Not just because of potential closures, but also because customers may prefer a virtual experience. That preference may outlast the pandemic as customers have become used to the convenience of online alternatives. Not all virtual tours are equal though, so what can you do to make sure your virtual tour is the best it can be?

Be clear on your goals

You shouldn’t just see a virtual tour as a nice thing to have, but should have clear goals that you are seeking to meet with the tour. This will also help you measure your success afterwards. Think about what you want people to think after they have taken your tour and what action you would like them to take as a result, whether that’s signing up for a newsletter or buying products you can design the tour to highlight those and offer easy ways for the customer to act. And even if you do just want a nice tour you might still want to measure viewers and how much they share the tour.

Think about the highlights

This may well be linked to your goals, but there are likely to be specific things you want to highlight and focus on. Thinking about what these are and how you can feature them will help you build your tour. Do you need to build suspense and expectation? Or do you want to lead with key features? Understanding these can help develop a compelling tour that maximises engagement.

First impressions matter

You need to make sure that you get people engaged from the start, so they stay during the tour. This means you are best using professionals to create the tour. This will ensure it is made with the high-quality equipment by people who know how to use it. But also think about what your tour is. Will it need some extra light for the camera, so people aren’t trying to make out shadowy shapes, or are there loose ends and clutter that look fine normally, but will just be a distraction on the virtual tour?

Finally, bring your personality

Just because a tour is virtual it does not mean it cannot be human. If you think about the tours you have seen in real life, there’s a big difference between those that engaged you throughout, and those where you zoned out or just focused on what grabbed your attention.

The best tours connect with people. Whether this is because a tour guide makes it an entertaining and energised experience, or because the tour subject is engaging and captures the audience’s imagination, that connection is vital. Think about how you can create that connection virtually to keep people engaged with your tour from beginning to end.

With just a little thought you can be well on your way to successfully creating a virtual tour. All it needs next is getting in touch to discuss how we can make your virtual tour a reality for your online visitors.

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