360 degree film timelapse

360-degree film & 360-degree time-lapse film for a great effect

360-degree film & 360-degree time-lapse film for a great effect
360-degree film & 360-degree time-lapse film

These days there are countless options in terms of showing a space, but what about a working area like a factory or workshop? Static images are perfect for some areas, 360-degree images will often tell more of a story, and a virtual tour gives people the ability to move around an area or building at will, however, these options don’t communicate movement very well. If you have a factory, busy shop, workshop, or similar, maybe a 360-degree film might be a good option to consider for you.

How does a 360-degree film work?

A 360-degree film is captures using a specialised camera and edited in a similar way to a normal film, however, the big difference is that the the viewer is able to direct which way they look as they go. In other words, this takes a standard passive film and turns it into more of an immersive, interactive and engaging experience. Why might this be better for your business? Standard films can often be… dare I say a bit old-fashioned. They don’t very often excite people, they’re predictable, and not as often not as engaging as they could be. They’re certainly perfect for many marketing and promotional purposes, however, to create excitement, interactivity, and engagement, there are newer options available that are widely supported and very cost-effective.

360-degree film example

Here is a great example of something that couldn’t easily be done with a standard film. Get yourself right in the middle of an orchestra and see the action from a unique perspective. The normal advice is to sit back and relax, however, in this instance, use your mouse or finger to move around and see the action:

360-degree time-lapse film

Even more exciting than a 360-degree film, how about a 360-degree time-lapse film! Interactive in the same way as the previous 360-degree film, but sped up to give a real feeling of movement and energy! Again, press play on the following film then use your mouse to look around as the film progresses

Virtual reality compatible 360-degree films & time-lapse films

All of the 360-degree films & time-lapse films we produce are completely compatible with virtual reality (VR) headsets such as Oculus Rift. In fact, simply hosting them for free on YouTube makes them instantly so. If you’ve got your own VR headset, why not give it a go? Simply browse to this page and watch the videos. Look around as they’re playing – it’s an amazing experience!

360-degree film or time-lapse film

If you’d like to discuss getting a 360-degree film or 360-degree time-lapse film done for your business, give us a call on 0114 383 0711 or email us via the contact section on the homepage. We’re based in Sheffield but work throughout the UK


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