Virtual tour examples – schools, universities, & large buildings

Buxton Junior School

Buxton Junior school required a virtual tour for several reasons including:

  • To help students and staff navigate the school and orientate themselves
  • For support enhanced transitions for students with special educational needs, for example, allowing students to explore the school and see areas like the canteen and classrooms whilst in a quiet environment
  • To help promote their school in the local area

The virtual tour allows viewers to see the school in a unique way – from above but with the roof and walls removed. The school can not only now be explored from anywhere at any time but the viewers can also zoom out and view the building from above or as a ‘doll’s house’

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield were keen to be able to allow new potential students to explore their sites and view the lecture theatres and other learning areas.

Their virtual tours allow visitors to explore at their own pace or use the ‘highlight reel’ to experience a virtual ‘guided tour’

This example for the Department Materials Science & Engineering allows students and potential students to explore the Sir Robert Hadfield Building in Sheffield – lecture halls, student services, workshops, the foundry, laboratories, and glass museum

Liv Students

Liv Students provide student accommodation in Sheffield. Their accommodation is popular with foreign students, particularly those from China and East Asia. In order to promote their accommodation they commissioned several virtual tours, and were particularly keen to use the virtual reality versions to allow students to explore in immersive 3D using a VR headset.

Veolia (Brettex)

Brettex have a very large workshop and were keen to be able to show visitors around. However, due to the geographical location of their customers and health and safety concerns, this wasn’t always possible. They therefore instead commissioned a virtual tour to allow them to provide guided tours of their workshop either remotely or from their meeting rooms without having to take visitors onto the shop floor.

Upper Chapel, Sheffield

Upper Chapel is a large, sprawling building with several different areas used for different purposes such as events, services, weddings, meetings, etc. Due to the nature of the building, visitors found it very difficult to navigate and find their way around. Using the virtual tour it is now much easier to explain to visitors the relationship between different areas within the building. They are now also able to allow tourists and visitors to explore the whole building, some parts of which date back to 1700