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One of the questions that seems to be asked a lot is ‘can I get cheap Matterport hosting?’ or ‘can I host my Matterport virtual tour myself?’ or ‘how much should I be paying for virtual tour hosting?’ Although you may not be able to host your Matterport virtual tour yourself, you still may be able to save a huge amount on your hosting costs!

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Matterport hosting plans – what are your options?

It’s not possible to host a Matteport virtual tour on your own servers, but the Matterport hosting plans offer several options depending on what type of business you have, what type of camera your virtual tour was captured using, and how many virtual tours you have hosted.

Matterport ‘free’ hosting plan – for 1 Richoh or iPhone virtual tour

If you just have one virtual tour which was created using an iPhone or Insta360 ONE X or Ricoh 360-degree camera, you have the option of the Matterport free hosting plan.

This is Matterport hosting is ‘free forever’. There are Matterport hosting features you don’t get such as floor plans, and a virtual tour created using these cameras has pretty poor image quality compared to what you could achieve with a Matterport camera. However, for those looking for a very cheap virtual tour but don’t need good image quality, this might be the option for you

Matterport starter – up to 5 Richoh or iPhone virtual tours

If you have up to 5 virtual tours which were created using an iPhone or Insta360 ONE X or Ricoh 360-degree camera, you have the next level virtual tour hosting option direct with Matterport – the ‘starter’.

Again, this suits those who aren’t really too fussed about good image quality and simply want cheap Matterport hosting. However, it will still cost you over £95 per year but can be cost-effective for more than 1 Richoh or iPhone virtual tour

Business virtual tours hosting – here’s where you can save money!

If your virtual tour was created using the Matterport Pro2 camera, there is good news! Yes, you can probably save money on your virtual tour hosting.

Virtual tours created using the Matterport Pro2 camera are fantastic quality with HDR images, but hosting can come with a hefty price tag! Hosting your own Pro2 virtual tour requires a yearly subscription designed for agencies so your best option is to have it hosted for you. The problem is, though, how do you know if you’re getting value for money?

If you’re paying over £10 per month for Matterport virtual tour hosting, you can transfer it to us quickly and for free. Here’s how you do it:

Transfer your Matterport Virtual Tour to 360 Virtual View

Step 1 – get a quote. Challenge us to charge you less for your Matterport hosting. If you’re happy with the price, we’ll do the paperwork the proceed to step to 2

Step 2 – transfer your space to us. Simply use the ‘transfer space’ option from your virtual tour dashboard to transfer to us. In the ‘transfer’ box, enter the email address info@360virtualview.co.uk when prompted and we’ll do the rest

Step 3 – you’re now saving money!

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