Google Street View 100000 views

The number one reason people call us and ask us to create a virtual tour or some 360 photography photography for them is because they have an amazing space and want to get people to see it.

A great looking space deserves some great looking photography, however, getting people to see that photography is whole new challenge. The good news is that as a Trusted Google Streetview Photographer we can also help you with that side of things too!

Over the past few months we’ve been putting a select few virtual tours onto Google Maps (Google Street View) and we’ve just received an email from Google telling us we’ve surpassed the 100,000 views mark. This is a great achievement for us but even better for our customers. Thousands of potential customers have been able to step through the ‘virtual’ door to explore some amazing spaces via their browser which invariably turns into new actual ‘through the door’ customers and visitors.

Here in 2019 the competition for most tourist attractions, bars, restaurants, pubs, etc. has never been tougher but technology has also never allowed us to communicate so effectively with people. Up to 80% of customers will research on-line before visiting a shop and this increases even further when it comes to tourist attractions and such like. If you’ve got an amazing space, let us do the photography and get it out in front of your potential customers.

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