Need a virtual tour for just park of a building?

It’s very common for people to need a virtual tour for just part of a building, house, flat or complex, when, for example, some rooms are not vacant or not properly decorated. Other times, rooms might be quite a way apart, or some you might just not want people to see. So how do we get around that problem?

Here are examples of how we’ve overcome this problem in the past:

  1. Rooms within a house need to be hidden.

There are a few ways to approach this. Firstly, we can simply keep the door closed when we create the virtual tour (but this affects the ‘doll’s house’ view as it appears as a black area), or we can capture the room and then simply ‘turn the scans off’ for that area (this means that the area still appears in the ‘doll’s house’ but people can go into or explore the room.

This example shows a virtual tour of a house where one of the rooms needed to be hidden – we scanned the room but simply turned off the scans in the room:

This example shows a house where the room could not be included. In this instance, it’s also hidden from the ‘Doll’s house’ view too

2. Areas that need to be included within the virtual tour are a long way apart.

The following virtual tour needed to include 2 areas that were a long way apart – one up several flights of stairs and the other across the courtyard up a different flight of stairs. This example shows that we can join areas like this:

Other times, two areas may simply need to be done in two or more virtual tours.

If there are many areas that cannot be connected but need to be included within one virtual tour, we may have to create a different type of virtual tour that just uses panoramic scans with a highlight reel. This is not as immersive as Matterport but the only real alternative: