What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is an immersive, realistic, 360-degree virtual experience that allows people to explore places and building without being there in person.

Perfect for:

  • Showing to visitors are not able to visit in person such as foreign students
  • Areas that are normally off-limits to visitors such as laboratories
  • Areas that need to be captured at a certain time such as places that are very busy during normal work hours or areas that need to be ‘dressed’
  • Allowing groups of people to visit an area where it would be impractical to take them in person
  • Helping people orientate themselves within buildings
  • Supporting enhanced transition for students with SEN


  • The virtual tour can easily embed on any website or be sent as a link in an email.
  • Only requires a web browser and an internet connection (for example, a mobile phone and a data connection or using a projector and screen)


  • Highlight reel allows you to create a virtual guided tour
  • Can automatically create schematic floor-plans (estate agent types)
  • HDR images and panoramas can be extracted and used in items like promotional material, social media or advertising
  • Information ‘hot spots’ can be included which add descriptions and links within the virtual tour
  • Includes a hands-free virtual reality version with is compatible with any VR headset
  • Creates extra views such as a ‘doll’s house’ where you can zoom

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