Caudwell’s Mill, Rowsley

Caudwell’s Mill Trust Ltd., Rowsley, Matlock tel. 01629 734 374

Built in 1874, Caudwell’s Mill is a unique working example of an early water-turbine driven roller mill, bigger than traditional village mills but still a family business until 1978. Inside, much of the machinery dates from around the turn of the century representing the most advanced technology of the time and the forerunner of the huge factory ills that mass produce most of our flour today.

Caudwell’s always took great pride in its fine flour and it is that traditional quality that we are continuing today with out wholemeal flour. Do try some. It makes excellent bread, baps, scones and cakes.

  1. Inside the entrance is an underfloor Archimedean screw which took wheat from the wooden bin outside to the storage bins inside
  2. Water drives the two turbines. One used to work the provender mill making animal feed. The other drives the flour mill. You see the main shaft under 3.
  3. Roller mills give much finer and better milled flour than millstones. Wheat grains are first broken between fluted rollers rotating at different speeds. Other, smooth rolls complete the reduction to fine flour.  
  4. Flour is bagged here into the industry standard 32kg (70lb) bags. It can then be repacked into smaller bags for shop sale.
  5. The Mill Shop sells publications, souvenirs, and, of course, our strong wholemeal and white flour. You will pass it again on your way out. Try our high-quality flours for bread, scones and cakes.
  6. Purifiers were used to separate bran and germ from the endosperm to make white flour. We now leave them in for our wholemeal flour
  7. Bins for clean wheat blown directly in from a covered lorry.
  8. Plansifters sift the grist or stock coming from the rollers into variously sized fractions. Fine flour is sent for bagging, but the rest goes back to be milled again.
  9. Sack hoist. All wheat used to come in sacks at one time. We now use the hoist to lift flour to the upper floors for storage.
  10. Tops of the elevators and dust extraction equipment. The dust and the bran used to go to make animal feed.

Visiting Caudwell’s Mill

Caudwell’s Mill is free to visit. Booked parties by arrangement. School parties are especially welcome. Ask for our school’s leaflets and the teacher’s pack

Caudwell’s Mill shop

A range of quality flours is always available in the mill shop in 1.5kg (3lb), 3kg (7lb), 6.5kg (14lb) and 16kg (35lb) bags. Includes strong whoelmeals and white (also organic varaties), a malted flake brown, pizza base, French stick, pastry special and self-rasigin flours. Also a rye and a medium oatmeal flour and quick oats.